Deep Blue: Stunningly Large Great White Shark Filmed Off Guadalupe Island

New footage has been released of Deep Blue, one of the largest great white sharks ever documented, recorded as she swam off the coast of Mexico’s Guadalupe Island.

Dozens of adult white sharks come to Guadalupe Island each year, making their seasonal home in a region known for its astonishingly clear waters, as Grind TV points out. The area boasts a vibrant elephant seal colony, which attracts the great whites, and numerous divers that flock to the region to view them. Of those sharks, none is more impressive than Deep Blue, a stunningly large great white that has been documented before.

Previously featured by Discovery, as Outdoor Hub notes, Deep Blue is a female great white that measures over 20-feet-long, and boasts a girth comparable to that of a well-fed hippo. Thought to be possibly 50-years-old, Deep Blue is considered one of the largest great white sharks ever documented. Local researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla has recorded the great white in the past, and now, new footage of the shark has surfaced, quickly going viral online.

Hoyos found the clip, which depicts the great white circling a dive cage, on the hard drive of his computer. Though he could not remember who the cameraman was, Hoyos noted that the video was obtained in the fall of 2013, during the same time that the shark was filmed by a Discovery crew. The video lasts roughly 50 seconds, and depicts divers in a roof-less steel cage as they observe the heavily pregnant Deep Blue. The shark swims around the cage, investigating it, yet ignores the divers.

“I give you the biggest white shark ever seen in front of the cages in Guadalupe Island … DEEP BLUE!!!” the caption read.

The video of Deep Blue quickly went viral when Hoyos shared it on his Facebook page, and has been viewed over 1.4 million times from his post. Website IFLScience shared the video on their Facebook page, and their post was quickly viewed 2.1 million times. Nearly 10,000 people have commented on IFLScience‘s post featuring the great white footage, while 75,800 have liked it. Other sharks have proven to be a hit on social media in the past, as the Inquisitr previously reported, but Hoyos’ footage has very quickly taken on a life of its own.

Guadalupe Island is located 165 miles west of Ensenada, in Baja California. Though it is home to a wide variety of marine life, Deep Blue remains the biggest great white shark ever observed in the region.

[Photo by Mauricio Hoyos Padilla via GrindTV]

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