Oh those silly (stupid) folks at PETA are at it again

I am not ashamed to tell the world that I think that PETA as an organization is nothing but a waste of fresh air. They have come up with some of the stupidest advertising campaigns and is run by a loony bin (in my opinion only). That doesn’t stop them from continuing to stretch their credibility on a regular basis.

Such is the case with a new advertising campaign that PETA is rolling out that ahs something to do with discouraging people from buying cats and dogs at pet stores. Their reasoning being that all these pet store are nothing more than fronts for puppy and kitten mills. On the surface this isn’t such a bad idea but it is their implementation that strikes me as utterly stupid.

It appears that some-one at PETA got the mind numbing brainwave and approached the Pet Shop Boys, a pop band icon, to see if they would join in the campaign. As part of them joining this person suggested as well to draw attention to the campaign that the band change their name to Rescue Shelter Boys.

About the only response that one could give to this is – WTF?

Luckily thought the band declined to go along with the idea but of course the PETA flacks are spinning the band’s reaction as a positive thing

Neil Tennant, who posted this, showed that the Pet Shop Boys are just as smart as their lyrics and appreciate PETA’s creative ways of bringing issues to the public.”

Source: Contact Music

Thank goodness not everyone falls for stupid ideas like this one – hat’s off to the band for seeing through this marketing ploy.

[picture courtesy of Contact Music]

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