‘Human Barbie’ Valeria Lukyanova Hates Nickname, Has New Name She Prefers

It has been more than two years since “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova shared a bit of her inner world through the VICE documentary Space Barbie. Today, Valeria seems to feel much differently about the “Human Barbie” nickname. According to a recent Skype interview with Cosmopolitan, the Ukrainian internet celebrity admits she finds the nickname “degrading.”

“I think [being called a “human Barbie” is] even a little degrading and insulting, but I’m used to it now, since that’s what my work demands and this is precisely the image most fans request. So I have to comply with it because it’s become part of my aesthetic image, but I don’t like it.”

In the past, the “Barbie” celeb stated that she used her looks to garner fans and then lead them to have a better understanding of more spiritual manners. According to her documentary, it was much easier for an attractive woman to talk about these things than someone who is plain or ugly. If being considered a human Barbie meant opening more minds, it was something Lukyanovia was willing to put up with.

However, it seems her perception of the doll comparisons shifted quite a bit after she was allegedly attacked by two men in the fall last year. The attack, which took place on Halloween, was said to have forced Valeria to be hospitalized. She also took a lengthy hiatus from the internet. Many critics of Lukyanova and her “Human Barbie” image said that the story was merely a cover for additional plastic surgery.

After the ugly incident and a prolonged break, she came back looking more like a Barbie doll than ever. Although more defined abs were visible in her sexy new images, it was hard to ignore how practically cartoonish she appeared. Accusations of Photoshopping flew, and she admitted that some editing took place.

To the color scheme.

Even though Valeria Lukyanova is striving to put her “Human Barbie” past behind her, it may take a while before her new nickname catches on. Apparently, she has changed her name to Amatue. The name will ring a bell if you saw the VICE documentary. It’s one of many she used to refer to herself when discussion her spiritual and past lives.

She has also claimed to be able to time travel, have lived on other planets, and at one point attempted to live off of oxygen alone.

In that light, being known as a “Human Barbie” seems rather dull by comparison.

[Image Credit: VICE YouTube]