Corporate Censorship: Someone’s In Trouble

You’ve gotta wonder who’s getting fired at Circuit City today.

The company’s trying hard to wipe the egg off its face after sending out a corporate order for all its stores to pull copies of MAD Magazine from their shelves. The problem? The magazines made fun of them.

The “Sucker City” ad apparently didn’t have execs laughing — at least, not at first. But once word got out about the company-wide censorship attempt, the electronics giant went on damage control. The magazines were put back up for sale and a statement was put out, calling the move a “knee-jerk reaction” by “some overly sensitive souls” at the corporate offices.

“Most of us at Circuit City share a rich sense of humor and irony … but there are occasional temporary lapses,” a spokesman wrote.

No doubt, MAD comes out the winner in this debacle — particularly with its response to the whole mess:

“We at MAD were shocked and confused by this entire incident — mainly because we had no idea that Circuit City even sells magazines. Nonetheless, we accept their apology but hold out hope that their gesture of a $20 gift card is only an opening offer.”

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