‘Sense8:’ Is It Worthy Of All The Hype? [Spoilers]

Sense8 seems to be getting nothing but rave reviews. It is a bit hard to find people saying negative things about the new Netflix Original series. And, to some degree, it is good. The actors are, well phenomenal. They do they part, and for me, they one of the few things that make Sense8 worth watching.

I hadn’t heard anything about this new show until my friend asked me if I had started watching it. This happened about four days after it’s release. I, of course, start watching it. A new sci-fi series that played on the idea of human being about to contact one another via a collective thought system? Count me in. Though, not necessary completely original (I can think of several shows that has had a collective-like plot point), the idea is intriguing and one of the main reasons I started watching Sense8.

And now, I am nine episodes in, and have no idea if I like the show or not.

Nomi, the transgender character, constantly plays the victim until she starts to use her previously barely mentioned talent of hacking. Then she almost gets herself and her girlfriend killed. The only twist (so far) about that character is that she is a lesbian transgender woman.

However, the actress, Jamie Clayton, does a really good job at being the victim. I absolutely love the onscreen chemistry that Nomi and Amanita have together in Sense8. I just want more to the character other than the “I am always bullied and a victim.” Because, let’s face it, Nomi is bullied by everyone: Boys she went to school with, her mother, the doctors, and even the nurses.

LIto and Henando’s relationship is another part of the show I love. They two, once again, have great onscreen chemistry. Yet, he is plagued by his shame of being gay. He, in his mind, can’t be gay and famous. In my mind, I see no reason to hide who you are. So many actors are coming out gay, and we act likes it is some big deal. If Sense8 is suppose to exist in today’s world, then where is all the support for the gay actors? Then again, I am not familiar with the acting community in Mexico.

And don’t get me stated on how Sense8 only portrays tiny bits of each character’s culture. All of Nairobi is not poor. Germany isn’t full of mobsters. India has eclectic mix of religions, though Hindu is one of the more popular ones.

My biggest problem with the show is that the characters of Sense8 don’t really bring anything interesting to the table. The writing makes them all a bit.. dull. They are flat and underdeveloped. The creators want you to pour out tears for the delicate DJ who lost her husband and child. Why? You are not giving us any context to go on except she wanted to die with them.

The Observer states that the descriptive audio for the blind may just be the best part of the show, and I can’t disagree with them.

As far a Netflix Original series are concerned, I might just stick with Orange is the New Black, but even that one has character development issues.

Sense8 has an interest premise, and a few moments are really excellent. The sex scene in Episode 6, anyone? But overall, the writing lacks something. It does not hold my attention the way other shows have. The writers are trying to play to the feelings and compassion of the audience. For many, that has worked. I just cannot relate to any of the characters.

So, is spending numerous hours of your life watching Sense8 worth it? The answer is up to each individual watcher.

But, overall, forgettable characters and a convoluted plot only bore me. I will keep watching until the end. I will finish the first season of Sense8, but I am not sure if I am going to enjoy it.

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