What ‘Pitch Perfect 2’s’ Sequel Could Look Like

Pitch Perfect 2 told the world what women can do. Not only did Pitch Perfect 2 show what female actresses can do, it showed how a first-time female director with a tiny budget could make a hugely profitable movie about a group of ladies. The success of Pitch Perfect 2 has audiences hungry for a continuation of the story.

Director Elizabeth Banks spoke with Access Hollywood about whether she would consider a third installment.

“We’re thinking about it, we’re thinking about it very seriously. Of course we’re at the very beginning of that process. We would love to spend more time with these characters that everyone’s fallen so hard in love with.”

So there’s no question we’ll see a third Pitch Perfect, but what might it look like? The Barden Bellas took a national competition journey in the first Pitch Perfect. And in Pitch Perfect 2 they went all the way to Europe. Where should they go next?

Actress Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy, told the Hollywood Reporter her thoughts about a Pitch Perfect 3.

“All the Bellas are together becoming a legit singing group out of college. I also think a Fat Amy origins story would be awesome.”

Australia would be the next logical place. Fat Amy has been a major attraction of these past two films, and we should get a chance to explore her origins a bit more, see where she comes from, and meet others like her. Pitch Perfect 3 should take the girls to Fat Amy’s hometown while exploring some of those great Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne that we never get to see in the American cinema.

The film would also most likely include our freshman recruit Emily Junk taking part in that journey. Hailee Steinfeld did great as Emily in Pitch Perfect 2, showcasing energetic acting and a gorgeous voice. She has yet to develop her story potential in the movie. The next film should explore the music industry career she began to move towards.

No one’s sure how this will play out now that most of the Bellas have graduated. We may see a new set of Bella recruits led by Emily and Fat Amy. One can see Fat Amy staying around school to get married. It makes perfect sense for her to stay behind. In Pitch Perfect 2 her fiance still works at the school. She could then take the girls on a field trip to Australia to explore the music scene.

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