Danziger Bridge Shootings: 5 Former Cops Sentenced For Hurricane Katrina Shootings

Five ex-cops who were involved in the Danziger Bridge shootings were sentenced by U.S. District Judge Kurt Engelhardt to years in prison for their roles in the shooting deaths of James Brissette and Ronald Madison, the latter of whom was mentally disabled and shot in the back.

Danziger Bridge played host to a gruesome spectacle which shook New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Six days after the hurricane had struck the city, the police department shot and killed 17-year-old James Brissette and 44-year-old Ronald Madison. After the incident occurred, the New Orleans police department attempted to cover-up the Hurricane Katrina shootings in order to protect themselves from the repercussions of their unlawful actions.

The five former police officers were convicted by a New Orleans Federal Court jury on numerous charges pertaining to the shooting deaths and their attempts at covering-up their misdeeds.

Judge Engelhardt conveyed his frustration in his inability to sentence the formers cops to anything but the mandatory minimum as he was quoted having said:

“These through the looking glass plea deals that tied the hands of this court are an affront to the court and a disservice to the community.”

Arthur “Archie” Kaufman, a retired sergeant assigned to investigate the Katrina shootings, was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in assisting with the attempted cover-up.

Robert Faulcon, Anthony Villavaso, Robert Gisevius, and Kenneth Bowen were amongst those sentenced today to prison Wednesday. Gisevius and Bown each received 40 years and Villavaso received 38 years in prison.

Amongst those sentenced today, Robert Faulcon’s sentence was the least lenient as he received 65 years for his role in not one, but two, of the deadly Danziger Bridge shootings.

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