Two Killed During Suicide Bomb Attack, Saving Hundreds As They Pushed The Bomber Away From A Crowded Mosque [Video]

A suicide bomber in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, had intentions of killing hundreds inside a crowded mosque. The bomber, dressed in women’s clothing, was prepared to end his life and many others. However, a pair of brave bystanders realized he was up to no good and decided to take it upon themselves to save the lives of everyone else around them. The two men, reportedly the bomber’s cousins, noticed he was acting strange and grabbed him while escorting him away from the busy mosque. The bomber, set on his goal of destruction, detonated his bomb belt, killing himself and the two men.

According to Metro U.K., the suicide bomber was captured on video outside of the mosque, preparing to detonate his bomb belt and end the lives of hundreds of innocent bystanders. Reports state that nearly a thousand people showed up at the mosque on Friday to pray in peace. The video seems to show a woman standing just outside of a doorway, minding her own business. However, two men grab her and escort her away from the building, away from the people that congregated while waiting to pray. Within seconds, a bright flash accompanies the building’s shakes, as the bomb detonates and kills the suicide bomber and his two cousins.

The suicide bomber’s cousins were hailed as heroes for saving hundreds of lives. Only one other person was killed in addition to the bomber and his cousins, and multiple cars were set afire from the blast. However, according to Sky News, the Islamic State has taken responsibility for the bombing and has hailed their suicide bomber as the real hero. They have identified the bomber as Abu Jandal al-Jizrawi. Although he was not successful in a mass killing, the radical jihadist group is praising him for reaching his target and going through with his mission despite the the intervention of his two cousins.

The destruction that would have ravaged the mosque if al-Jiswari were to have made his way inside and detonated his bomb belt would have been catastrophic. The residents of Dammam have praised the two men that ushered the suicide bomber away and are grateful for their bravery. They saved nearly a thousand lives at the sacrifice of their own.

The threat of future suicide bombers is very real in Dammam and other parts of Saudi Arabia. However, the community is proud that the two heroes that prevented mass deaths were there to show Islamic State that they will not idly sit by and allow the death and destruction.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]

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