Two Nuns Stuck In Rome Elevator Drink Urine And Pray To Survive Three-Day Nightmare

What can two nuns do if they’re stuck in an elevator alone, with no phones, no food, and no water? The answer is what you’d expect — they prayed.

“We’re fine now,” one told the media, according to the Telegraph. “Did we pray? Of course — that’s how we got through the ordeal.”

Of course. But they didn’t just need prayer to survive getting stuck in an elevator in Rome, Italy, where temperatures over the weekend skyrocketed to 100 degrees. They also needed pee.

They were stuck because of some really bad luck. They were spending time at the Marist Sister House in Rome that often houses visitors, and unfortunately, they were the only ones there. The nuns got into the elevator sometime Friday — right before an electrical power failure, the BBC reported.

The Telegraph said it was a malfunctioning.

The women, one from Ireland, 58, and one from New Zealand, 69, had no cell phones, no food, no water, and cried for help, with no response. So they sat tight. A cleaning lady found the sisters on Monday.

“I rang the buzzer but nobody responded, and yet I knew for sure that there were two nuns staying there,” she told a local newspaper.

So she called the police, who arrived and called out for any occupants, and the stuck sisters answered. Officers pried open the doors, finding the pair inside on the floor, weak but conscious.

They were dehydrated. After they were found, they were taken to the hospital and given fluids. Luckily, the women drank enough of their own pee to get through the weekend, a doctor said.

“So as not to lose consciousness, they drank their own urine. They were severely dehydrated. It’s a miracle that they were still conscious when help finally arrived.”

Details about their harrowing ordeal are scant because their order has forbid them from speaking to the media. One of them was fairly curt as a result with an Associated Press reporter: “We are OK, but we are not talking to the press. Thank you for your concern. Goodbye.”

They had just gotten back from missions abroad, according to reports.

[Photo Courtesy Tim Boyle / Getty Images]

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