This Weekend’s GTA V Online Event Will Reward Participants With Exclusive Unlocks Alongside Discounts, Bonuses

As Rockstar Games announced week, the developer will be running a special online event within Grand Theft Auto V this weekend to celebrate this week’s launch of the latest free content update for GTA Online. While the studio originally only revealed that they plan to host an in-game GTA V event this weekend, the Rockstar Newswire has now full detailed the benefits that players can expect to enjoy as part of this weekend’s festivities.

To increase their earning potential, users will earn twice the normal amount of cash from playing any of Grand Theft Auto V‘s Adversary Modes. These new versus modes were introduced to GTA Online at the same time as co-op heists, and allow gamers to compete in uniquely themed multiplayer matches.

“To jump straight into Double Cash Adversary Modes, simply hit the Event button during the GTAV boot screens and you’ll find yourself in a lobby with other cynical mercenaries straining under the weight of their loot.”

In addition to bonus cash payouts, the upcoming weekend event for GTA V will also feature a new in-game playlist. Fans that successfully complete all of the missions on the special playlist will be rewarded with a free “Battle-Gear Bonus” pack that includes in-game equipment such as body armor, molotovs, sticky bombs, and proximity mines.

GTA Online
GTA Online: Ill-Gotten Gains Update

Those looking to further level their GTA Online characters will also be able to enjoy double RP from all races. This bonus is offered for any race within GTA V‘s online mode, regardless of whether it is on car, bike, boat, or plane. Rockstar Games is hoping that the race bonus will give fans an incentive to try out the new vehicles that are being added to GTA V this week as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains update.

“With six new vehicles to choose from you’ll want to select your new ride carefully, whether it’s the mighty Pegassi Osiris, the Benefactor Stirling with gull wing doors, or the sumptuous Luxor Deluxe. Take each one for a test drive with 2X RP in all Races all weekend.”

Throughout the entire weekend, GTA V users will also experience special crate drops inside the game’s online free-roam worlds. These crates will contain free cash as well as special item rewards. Each crate drop will give GTA V players the chance to earn an exclusive in-game t-shirt that will only be available this weekend.

Gamers who are looking to spend some of their money in GTA Online will also find that the upcoming event will be the perfect time to pick up a new apartment inside the game. During the weekend celebration, all of Grand Theft Auto V‘s high-end properties will be available to online users at a 25 percent discount.

The in-game bonuses are being made available to commemorate the release of GTA V‘s next free online add-on, which Rockstar Games has announced will launch on Wednesday. The event will begin this Friday and will run through the end of Sunday.

[Images via Rockstar Games]