Tom Hanks’ Son, Chet Haze, Says Parents ‘Don’t Understand’

Whether you know his name or not, Chet Haze, 24, the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, is causing a bit of a stir. Recently, he voiced his opinion on using the N word as a term of camaraderie amongst his friends after people took issue with the fact that he uses it in his lyrics, despite being a white rapper. For context, even Eminem doesn’t use the N word in his lyrics.

Now he’s weighing in on what his famous father, Tom Hanks, thinks about the whole thing. According to TMZ, Chet Haze once again defended his right to use the N word, even though it’s commonly used as a slur against African Americans.

When asked if he should get a pass because he identifies with hip hop culture, Chet remained unfazed and said, “Everyone’s gonna feel however they want to feel about it. All I’m saying is white people use that term. It’s an unspoken thing amongst their black friends. I wouldn’t go up to any black person and say it if I didn’t know them like that, but I do have black friends.”

As for what his parents, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, think of this controversy that he’s embroiled in, Chet said, “My parents are making sure I’m good. They don’t really tell me what to do anymore because I’m grown. They just make sure that I’m happy and safe.”

He continued, and explained that his parents are a part of the old generation that just doesn’t get social media, even though they both use it.

“My parents they be telling me just to stay off social media period. Even before this happened. They would be like, Hey don’t be on Instragram so much. They’re the old generation. They don’t get it. This is the new generation [and] we do things differently now. You’re either gonna get it or you’re not gonna get it.”

In addition to creating controversy with his lyrics, Tom Hanks’ son recently trashed a hotel room. According to People Magazine, Chet is currently wanted by the police for trashing a hotel room while in London. It’s said that he caused $1,800 in damages. A police official told the publication, “Police were called at 3:15 p.m. on Friday, May 29, by a member of staff at the Arora International Hotel in Crawley to a report that a guest had caused an estimated £1,200 of damage to a hotel room.”

It should be noted that the rapper did admit back in November that he was struggling with staying sober and has struggled with substance abuse problems since he was 16.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images]