Nepal Earthquakes: Region Struggling To Recover From The Devastation

Nepal was hit by two major earthquakes in April, one at 7.8 and the second at 7.3 on the Richter scale. As the country struggles to recover from the loss of so many lives and the devastation to the country from the Nepal earthquakes, tourism, much needed in the poor region, has gone pretty much by the wayside.

The first Nepal earthquake hit on April 25, destroying the lives of many in the area, especially in Kathmandu. Relief efforts were urgently required after several thousand people were killed or injured and many lost their homes. Just as people were trying to catch their collective breaths, the second quake struck, causing even more devastation and damage.

Nepal earthquakesThe Inquisitr reported in May on the story of how a U.S. helicopter, part of the much needed relief efforts after the Nepal earthquakes, had gone missing in the region. After searching for the missing helicopter, the crash site was eventually found and bodies were recovered.

Now almost a month later the country is still struggling to recover and hoping to once again attract some form of tourism to the region. With many of the historic sites destroyed in the country, times are difficult indeed.

Time reports that while the Nepalese have always tended to be deferential people, things are underway to encourage a “can-do” spirit among the people, trying to “shake the status quo,” with much talk of women taking over leadership roles to aid in the recovery after the Nepal earthquake disasters. Time says that women, especially, have lost so much in the devastation and have so much more to lose in the future unless they get involved.

In a recent blog, it was noted that while the news of the earthquakes tended to drive backpackers and tourists away from the country, with many cancelling their already booked travel plans, volunteering has increased in the region. Volunteering is an alternative travel option where many people visit all regions of the world lending a hand in poorer areas, but also aiding in the event of a devastating crisis, such as the Nepalese earthquakes.

While aid donations are vital, volunteering can take over where money leaves off in helping the people to recover from both their monetary and physical losses and aid in their psychological recovery. It can also help to spur a new and vital form of tourism in the Nepal region, assisting in orphanages, aiding with rebuilding, helping in the medical sphere and generally getting involved.

Younger volunteers often find themselves a future career, for example in the medical field or in teaching, while helping the injured after a disaster such as the Nepal earthquakes.

It can only be hoped that Nepal recovers soon from the devastation the country has suffered and returns to the exciting and vital tourism destination it was before the Nepal earthquakes occurred.

[Images: Children in Nepal CC by 2.0 DFID / Nepal earthquake devastation CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 International Organization for Migration]

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