Apple Music Has Drake’s Approval And Taylor Swift’s Discography, How It Will Measure Up To Tidal?

Apple unveiled its new music streaming service at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. The tech giant has already announced that they’re coming for the likes of Spotify and Tidal. It also looks like Apple Music already has Drake’s approval.

The rapper made an unexpected appearance at the conference. He took the stage to talk about Apple’s new streaming service. Drake also talked about his new album and about how Apple Music is great for both musicians and listeners.

“Focus on your body of work. Instead of having to post your stuff on these different and sometimes confusing places, it’s all in one place: Connect.”

It also helps that Apple Music already has Taylor Swift in their corner. Although the singer didn’t make an appearance at the conference, her discography is already reported to be featured on the new streaming service. When Apple unveiled its new music streaming, Swift hit No. 1 on the music and video charts, according to the Business Insider. It looks like this collaboration is a win-win for both Apple and Ms. Taylor Swift.

However, Taylor Swift’s discography also heavily featured on Tidal. Earlier this year, the pop tart pulled her discography from Spotify after claiming that the service doesn’t fairly compensate its musicians. Taylor also argued that the free, ad-inclusive service fails to value its artists’ work. Apple Music will not include a free service.


So what else should you know about Apple’s streaming music service? Apple Music may be one app but it combines three things: iTunes, the Beats 1 radio station, and the Connect social networking site. It’s a great way for musicians to market their music and for listeners to share whose music they’re currently enjoying.

All of this promo behind Apple Music echoes Jay Z’s star-studded event for Tidal. The rapper unveiled his own streaming service on March 30 at the Tidal live stream event. It included the likes of Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Kanye West, Madonna, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jack White, Daft Punk, DeadMau5, Usher, and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Some of the musicians even changed their social media avatars to a cyan color at midnight. They also created the hashtag #TIDALforALL on Sunday night leading up to the event.

Unfortunately, for Jay Z, Tidal has failed and will continue to fail. It didn’t even cause members of the Taygency or the Beyhive to jump ship from Spotify to Tidal. It’s not even on the list of the top free music apps on Apple’s Apps Store or Google Play. It’ll be any wonder if fans will flock to Apple’s new streaming service.

Apple Music will be made available only on Apple devices on June 30. Listeners can subscribe to the service for $9.99 per month. There will also be a family plan that will include up to six people for $14.99 per month. As for Drake’s album, it hasn’t been announced as to when it will drop on Apple Music.

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