Katy Perry’s ‘1984’ Song Could Be A Taylor Swift Diss Track But Maybe Not

New rumors are flying about Katy Perry’s new song “1984.” It’s already been rumored that the new song will be a direct response to Taylor Swift’s infamous new single “Bad Blood.” Now it looks like “1984” could also become Katy Perry’s new single with an accompanying music video.

It was previously reported via the Inquisitr that Perry, 30, recently registered the song “1984” with the music publisher, BMI. However, Perry is not listed as the sole writer on the song. The song credits Austin Dallas, Tokio Mazerine, Carlsson Andreas Michael, and Collier Patrick as the producers and writers of Perry’s new song. That could very well mean that Katy Perry’s new song isn’t a diss track about Taylor Swift.

If Katy were to write a diss track, she would make sure to have her name on the credits. But that hasn’t stopped the media and fans from speculating that Katy’s new song is about Taylor Swift. An alleged source told the Hollywood Life that the “Dark Horse” singer is about to take down her arch nemesis with her own star-studded music video.

“The video is still in idea mode, but one thing that has been discussed was to make the potential cameos to be like ‘Last Friday Night,’ which were more subtle than ‘Bad Blood.'” The source added, “‘Bad Blood’ pretty much hits you over the head with stars just to do it. Katy is not going to copy Taylor but she will definitely get her paycheck.”



What else can Katy Cats — and Swifties — expect from Perry’s “1984” music video? Katy wants to hit back at Taylor by claiming that the singer is a fraud when it comes to her good-girl image.

“One thing that has been discussed is for Katy to play multiple characters and have all the characters to be multiple personalities that she believes that Taylor has, that is actually the idea that keeps getting the most traction.”

That’s not all that’s being reported about “1984.” Another source said that Katy’s new song is definitely a diss track, even if she doesn’t own the writing credits. It sounds like Katy needed some help while crafting her own venomous single.

“Katy was working on some other songs against Taylor, but ‘1984’ will be the main rebuttal to ‘Bad Blood.’ Apparently the jabs are very subtle but will definitely sting!”

Ouch! Fans are already feeling the pain from Perry and Swift’s alleged feud. Perry previously wrote a diss track about Swift, which is supposetedly titled “She’s So Creepy.” The singer reportedly wrote the song about the singer, although it hasn’t been confirmed by Perry herself. The song leaked onto the internet and was quickly removed. It’ll be interesting to see if both diss tracks end up on Perry’s new album.

Taylor Swift let it slip to Rolling Stone magazine when she claimed that “Bad Blood” was about another pop singer. She hinted that Katy acted fake towards her and stole her backup dancers. Katy retaliated by allegedly calling Taylor a “Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”


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It sounds like Katy Perry’s “1984” song is likely to become a diss track. However, it’s still possible that the song could be about the singer’s personal life. On the other hand, it’s coincidental that Katy would register a song that’s similar in name to Taylor Swift’s successful 1989 album. What do you think of Katy Perry’s new song? Do you think it’s really a diss track? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Images: Katy Perry/VEVO and Taylor Swift/YouTube]