Scott Walker: Despite Poll Numbers, Walker Says Jeb Bush Is Frontrunner

Despite reports that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker leads in the Iowa polls, Walker says he absolutely is not the frontrunner for the Republican candidacy.

That honor, Walker says, is reserved for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Walker said:

“I think Governor Bush is still probably out there in front, just because he’s probably gonna have more money than just about all of us combined.”

Neither Jeb Bush nor Scott Walker have yet officially declared their intentions to run for the GOP presidential nomination. Bush has said that he will declare on June 15, while Walker has said he will wait until the beginning of July to announce his intentions.

Walker may be making an effort to play down his popularity, but early polls in Iowa show Walker to be the current favorite. There, Walker leads by seven percentage points and has been the most popular candidate in the last five polls. Walker is also said to have a positive reputation among two-thirds of those who will participate in Iowa Caucuses, according to The Des Moines Register.

Nationwide, Walker’s poll numbers have declined in the past couple of months, but in Iowa they’ve been bolstered by his ability to appeal to a wide range of conservatives and long-time Republicans. Walker also has received a boost as the Midwestern governor of a nearby state, according to multiple media outlets.

Walker’s reputation in Iowa is important because Iowa is the first state where candidates will truly be tested. The Iowa Caucuses, which are scheduled to be held at the beginning of February, mark the first presidential primary contest.

Over the weekend, Scott Walker joined six other Republican candidates to support Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst in the first ever “Roast and Ride” motorcycle charity event. Like many of the other candidates, Walker took plenty of time to meet with Iowa politicians and voters alike.

In the end, Walker’s poll standings now might not be all that important. As The Guardian writes, the primary races are long and the Iowa Caucuses are more than seven months away.

“Those ratings are less useful for the current Republican race than most contests, as the truth is that no single candidate is dominating the race and both opinion surveys and experts closely following the contest agree any of several candidates could emerge victorious.”

The Guardian may be right, as many political pundits have already wondered whether Scott Walker will be able to hold on long enough to win the Republican presidential nomination.

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