Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Claims $105 Million Ticket Is Stashed At McDonald’s

Marlinde Wilson, the Baltimore McDonald’s employee who claims to have purchased one of the three winning $656 million Mega Millions lottery tickets (entitling her to $105 million after taxes), claims that her winning lottery ticket is safely hidden inside of the McDonald’s where she worked. While some of her fellow employees believe that she is lying, Wilson was quoted by the New York Post as having said the following:

“I left my ticket there, and it’s somewhere safe that only I know about. I’m waiting for things to calm down so I can go back to McDonald’s and get it. The people [that work at McDonald’s] are too excited. I want their heads to cool down before I go back.”

Wilson’s manager at the fast food restaurant, who was identified only by the name Layla, told the NY Post that she believes the story was fabricated as she was quoted saying:

“That’s impossible. She didn’t come back here [after purchasing the ticket].”

Mega Millions officials have claimed that they are unaware as to the identity of whomever has truly purchased the winning ticket. The only information they had available at this time regarding the ticket was that it was purchased a mere four hours prior to the winning numbers being announced and that it was sold at a Baltimore 7-Eleven.

Fellow co-workers of Marlinde Wilson believe that there’s a possibility that she might be attempting to cheat them out of their shared winnings as the employees had pooled their funds and acquired 14 Mega Millions lottery tickets.

According to the Post, Wilson has a Facebook page under an alias by the name of Sheila Paraison and has posted a message conveying her inclination to donate her vast winnings to Haiti relief efforts.

Previous reporting has indicated that Marlinde Wilson, the single Haitian mother of seven who claims to have purchased one of the winning multistate lotto tickets, is simply an attention seeker who has fabricated an elaborate lie.

Do you think Marlinde Wilson has indeed purchased one of the three winning Mega Millions lottery ticket, worth $105 million after taxes, and if so, do you believe that she will attempt to cheat her McDonald’s colleagues out of their share of the Mega Millions jackpot?

Mega Millions Winner In Maryland, Marlinde Wilson, Won’t Share Her Jackpot Video:

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