Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton Bombed Libya To Prove She Was Macho

Ralph Nader reportedly slammed Hillary Clinton as a corporatist and a militarist who tried to overcompensate for being female by pushing for the 2011 Libya bombing campaign.

The former Green Party presidential candidate offered this assessment in an interview with journalist Nicholas Ballasy, as published by PJ Media. These comments came as Nader is promoting yet another book, this one containing unanswered letters sent to U.S. presidents about various pubic affairs issues. Clinton has received criticism across the ideological spectrum for personally cashing in on Wall Street connections and also raking in huge donations for the Clinton Foundation from both foreign governments and multinational corporations.

“One can almost forgive the corporatism. She moved to New York with Bill because that’s where the power is and Wall Street, but her militarism is absolutely shocking,” Nader declared.

Ralph Nader, 81, has previously called for the impeachment of President Obama for bombing Libya (which has subsequently devolved into a terrorist enclave controlled by ISIS) without a declaration of war from Congress. He has also insisted that, with regard to the drone attacks in particular, Obama should be held accountable for war crimes and that he is “more aggressive, more illegal worldwide” than George W. Bush.

In the interview, Nader further claimed that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was “almost singlehandedly” in favor of the Libyan intervention which was initially opposed by the U.S. military and which overthrew dictator Moammar Gaddafi. The liberal political activist and consumer advocate also chided the 2016 Democrat presidential candidate for her pre-State Department role as a U.S. Senator on the Armed Services Committee, during which “she never met a weapons system she didn’t like.”

Nader then delved into the sensitive issue of gender as it allegedly relates to Hillary Clinton’s hawkishness on Libya and the subsequent civil war that occurred there in the aftermath of the U.S.-led air attack.

“This is the problem of women trying to overcompensate in becoming more aggressive and macho so they are not accused of being soft on the need to kill and war, right? Instead of taking the tradition of women of peace, and turning into a muscular waging of peace of conflict and prevention, she [Clinton] did the reverse, and [Madeline] Albright did the reverse and Anne Marie Slaughter did the reverse and some of Obama’s advisers did the reverse. We have to be transcendent on this. We have to really go right to the core of what people are standing for, fighting for and fighting against.”

According to The Daily Caller, feminist and/or liberal publications such as Jezebel, Wonkette, Salon, Huffington Post, and others have yet to react to Nader’s gender-based opinion.

“Simply imagine if a conservative politician with similar levels of prominence (say, Ron Paul) had made a sexist remark along the lines of Nader’s. Does anyone doubt that every single one of these outlets would have long, detailed explainers on why and how the remarks were sexist, why they reflect poorly on all conservatives and Republicans, and why every self-respecting woman must support Hillary Clinton in protest.”

Do you think Ralph Nader is sexist in his allegations about Hillary Clinton?

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