Murderer Of Former Atlanta Braves Pitcher Set Free 10 Years Early

The widow of murdered Atlanta Braves relief pitcher Dave Shotkoski is outraged and rightfully so after discovering that her husbands killer is being set free 10 years early.

Two years after gunning down Shotkoski, 30, in 1995 Neal Evans was charged with second-degree murder and handed a sentence that was suppose to last through 2022, instead Evans is now out on probation with a conditional release until 2012.

The fatal shooting took place as Shotkoski returned to his hotel after spring training with the Braves in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Now 47-years-old Evans was released from Florida’s South Bay Correctional Facility on Tuesday.

Speaking of his release Felicia Shotkoski said:

“He should be sitting in jail for the rest of his life, And if not, he should at least serve out his entire sentence.”

Felicia learned of the prisoners release via an automated phone message sent to her home.

What might be most shocking is that the Florida Department of Corrections would allow for the man’s release considering his run-ins with the law prior to the murder. Records indicated that Evans was incarcerated at least five times prior to the 1995 shooting. The murderers prior convictions include burglary, grand theft auto and cocaine possession.

Sentences to 27 years in prison the inmate was able to earn a mind boggling 20 days off his sentence for every one month of good behavior.

Speaking further about the release of her husbands shooter she told Fox Sports:

“I feel cheated, but so should the people on the streets with him today. And so should the people of Chicago and New York, with people just like him. I would like to take this felon and use him to open the eyes of the justice system.”

In the meantime Felicia’s now 17-year-old daughter Alexis had to grow up without her father in her life.

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