Teller Thwarts Robbers Attempt, Says Bank Is Closed For The Day

In case you haven’t already had your fill of stupid criminal stories for the week here is one that left us in stitches. Would-be bank robber Olga L. Perdomo attempted to rob Albany Bank and Trust in Chicago last week but instead of receiving money she was told by a quick witted teller that the bank was closed and she would need to come back the next day.

Olga entered the bank at approximately 5pm last Thursday wearing plaid pajama pants and a dark hooded jacket, she then approached the teller and hadned them a note that read:

“all of your money, no cops, no dye pack.”

The teller read the note and then very calmly explained to Olga that the bank had just closed and they couldn’t hand out money after hours per bank rules. Olga apparently thought that was a very sensible rule and promised to return the next day.

According to the official police statement:

“(The teller) took the note and told the female that the bank was closed and that she should come back tomorrow. The female then left the bank.”

Sure enough on the following Monday morning a bank employee recognized Perdomo who was standing outside of the bank at the time, the employee called police and Olga was taken into custody along with a man who police say robbed the same bank of $2,589 just one week earlier.

The two criminals appeared in U.S. District court on Tuesday, Olga will likely be charged with attempted robbery while her accomplice will be brought up on bank robbery charges for his successful heist just one week prior.

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