Stan Wawrinka: Shorts Vie With Shots As Stan Trumps Tearful Novak Djokovic In French Open 2015 [Video]

Stan Wawrinka and his famous shorts played the pants off Novak Djokovic to emerge victorious in the French Open. With scores of 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4, the tennis player shocked not only Djokovic, but everyone except for Roger Federer, reported the Washington Post.

Roger had predicted that Wawrinka had the power to earn that win. Unfortunately for Stan, his shorts earned most of the attention. Nonetheless, Novak got some sympathy by bursting into tears as the crowd stood and applauded for him. It was only last week that Djokovic challenged Rafael Nadal, and Novak had hoped to get a career grand slam.

But when it comes to titles and championships, Stan’s shorts trumped them all, at least on Twitter.

“Do the shorts make the champion or does the champion make the shorts? #Stanimal #Wawrinka #RG15”

“So, the man wearing boxer shorts did punch above his weight. #FrenchOpenFinal #Wawrinka”

As to what Stan himself thought of the focus on his shorts? Wawrinka was amused by the fashion faux pas, reported USA Today.

“I’m going to swim, play tennis and then sleep in them,” said Stan jovially.

And for those who think he might set a new trend in tennis fitness fashion, there are a plethora of plaid shorts from which to choose.

With an elastic waistband, pockets, and the essential plaid-on-plaid design, the Yonex shorts are even available in other colors for those who want a complete plaid short outfit.

And Wawrinka offered a joking prediction, reported Sport Act.

“It will be in the museum of Roland Garros,” forecast Stan as he put a pair of plaid shorts on a table.

Thus, for those who want to pay homage to the winning shorts, Wawrinka suggested daily visits.

“You can see my shorts every day if you want. Everybody talks about these shorts since I put them on. I quite like (them). Apparently I’m the only one.”

Stan Wawrinka shares shorts.
Stan Wawrinka shows off shorts and shots.

If Stan wearies of all the short jokes, he may want to get some advice from Sarah Jessica Parker, who recently spoke out about her own fashion and hairstyle regrets of the past, as the Inquisitr reported.

As Parker commented about one particularly poorly-advised hairstyle that left her with crazy curls and too-short bob, some fashion faux pas are better forgotten.

“That’s maybe time to be forgotten and to never be discussed again!” joked SJP.

What do you think about Stan Wawrinka’s shorts? Fashion faux pas on the court, or brilliant shot? Post your comments below.

[Photos by Julian Finney / Getty Images]