'Entourage' Bombs At Box Office: Niche Market To Blame?

Christina St Jean

Entourage came back with a fizzle this weekend, which was something no one anticipated.

In its heyday, Entourage enjoyed a solid run on HBO, giving Adrian Grenier and Jeremy Piven, in particular, some greater face time, and the show served to introduce Ari Gold and company to the larger Hollywood environment. It was one of HBO's most popular shows, a close rival to Sex And The City. What those behind the new movie failed to realize was that the popularity of a television show does not always translate well on screen -- particularly when the television show's audience was so limited to a particular niche group.

Entourage had an audience that was mostly limited to young men on either coast, men who were used to the speed that a Hollywood lifestyle brings. Entourage did not connect with mainstream viewers -- at least, not in the way that Spy's Melissa McCarthy does. Are the men from Entourage good looking? Absolutely, but being beautiful does not necessarily mean you are appealing. Melissa McCarthy has essentially become an Everyman of sorts, and her appeal crosses most gender and social lines. Entourage had a very specific and targeted audience. That would be one of the reasons why the movie simply did not reach as wide an audience as it had hoped for in its opening weekend.

Here is, perhaps, one of the reasons:

What this means for Entourage is that its niche market is, put simply, not enough to sustain the transition to the silver screen. While the show enjoyed a steady fan base during its time on HBO, the niche market that Entourage had is simply not enough for any sort of significant box office payoff. That news is unfortunate, but not wholly unexpected. It would appear that Entourage is representative of a Hollywood where bros are in, women are silent, and where abusive Hollywood agents are the norm.

[Photo by: Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment]