Nursery Teacher Caught On Camera Beating Toddler, Footage Sparks Outrage [Video]

A nursery teacher is in hot water for beating a toddler at the school. According to the Daily Mail, the unnamed teacher, who worked at a school in the China’s Sichuan province Yibin, was caught on camera attacking the toddler.

Apparently, the toddler refused to go to sleep during nap time, so the teacher took matters into her own hands. However, her brand of discipline has sparked outrage. The disturbing 11-second clip, which captures the series of events that took place on May 13, shows the teacher straddling the toddler and beating her with a stuffed animal. The teacher strikes the toddler five times as she wails and screams for her mother. Then, the clip abruptly ends.

On June 1, the clip was uploaded to YouTube. It didn’t take long for the shocking abuse to be reported to local authorities. According to People’s Daily Online, the Yibin County Board of Education revealed the woman in question was actually a student attending a local university. She was assigned to the nursery school for training purposes. Needless to say, she probably won’t be receiving satisfactory reviews for the botched training session.

Warning: Video contains graphic content that may be offensive to some viewers.

It has been reported that the teacher was fired, but that doesn’t mean she’s off the hook just yet. According to Opposing Views, the nursery is also being investigated due to the shocking incident. So, there is a possibility the nursery teacher could face charges in the near future.

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[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]

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