New York Prison Inmates Missing, But David Sweat And Richard Matt Left A Jailbreak Note

After two New York prison inmates went missing, authorities were surprised to find a note left by David Sweat and Richard Matt which told police to “have a nice day.” The mocking message only adds to the mystery, since authorities are uncertain how the two convicted murderers managed to pull off such a complex jailbreak.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $100,000 reward for any tips or information that leads to the capture of the two missing New York prison inmates.

Anthony Annucci, the acting state corrections commissioner, said the two men were last seen within the prison on Friday, but they were found to be missing by Saturday morning during a routine check of the prisoners.

“A search revealed that there was a hole cut out of the back of the cell through which these inmates escaped,” Annucci said, according to CBS. “They went onto a catwalk which is about six stories high. We estimate they climbed down and had power tools and were able to get out to this facility through tunnels, cutting away at several spots.”

Prison counts are done every two hours, but the New York prison inmates went missing because they had managed to arrange for objects within their adjoining cells to appear like two sleeping men. The real question is how they managed to get hold of power tools, since it is uncertain why anybody would want to help them escape prison. Investigators are currently speculating that it is possible contractors working at he Clinton Correctional Facility may provided the tools.

The only clue left behind was a note left by the missing New York prison inmates. The note was left next to a cut pipe, and it shows a caricature of an Asian man along with the words, “Have a nice day.” This was the first successful escape ever from the maximum security portion of the Clinton Correctional Facility, and Governor Cuomo believes David Sweat and Richard Matt knew they were pulling off a first.

“I’m sure they knew that since it was the first escape it was going to be a big deal,” he said, according to ABC. “But we’ll get them back and we’ll give them the note back.”

Richard Matt weighs 210 pounds and is 6 feet tall, a Caucasian man with black hair, hazel eyes and several tattoos: “Mexico Forever” on his back, a heart on his chest and left shoulder, and a Marine Corps insignia on his right shoulder. He is serving a sentence of 25 years to life for the kidnapping, dismemberment and killing of his former boss in 1997.

David Sweat is a Caucasian man, weighing 165 pounds at 5 feet, 11 inches in height. He has brown hair, green eyes and tattoos on his left bicep and right fingers. He was convicted of first-degree murder and should be serving life without parole for killing a sheriff’s deputy.

Anyone who has any information about the two missing New York prison inmates are urged to call 518-563-3761.

[Image via New York State Police]

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