Prince George: Strange Royal Tweet Appears — Mischievous Little Prince Is Prime Suspect

The same day that Prince George of Cambridge appeared in a series of adorable royal photos depicting the not-quite 2-year-old future monarch cuddling with his newborn little sister Princess Charlotte, a bizarre nonsense tweet appeared on the official Kensington Palace Twitter account — and some online sleuths believe the mischievous prince is the prime suspect.

Prince George, who celebrates his second birthday on July 22, already has a reputation for grabby hands. During last year’s Royal tour of Australia, Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate Middleton stopped their then 8-month-old son from getting ahold of a bilby — a small marsupial native to Australia.

The bilby has prominent ears, and George wanted a piece of those protuberances.

“If he gets it he’ll never let go,” Prince William was heard warning a zookeeper at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

The odd, nonsense tweet appeared just minutes after the new pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte were transmitted to the account’s 481,000 followers.

Whoever else had access to the Kensington Palace account quickly deleted the gibberish Twitter message, which appeared at about 10:15 p.m. local time, meaning the the prince was likely asleep — though with a 2-year-old, who knows?

The little prince has recently started walking on his own, meaning that he could have wondered over to an unattended iPad or computer and banged on the keyboard, in an attempt to imitate the adults around him who he may have seen posting to Twitter. Such a scenario could have resulted in the errant royal tweet.

“Are you under hack, Kensington Palace?” asked one curious Twitter follower.

But others wanted to know if Prince George was up and about.

“Prince George tweeting?” asked another.

Yet another Twitter user considered both possibilities.

“Have Kensington Palace been hacked? Or is this George tweeting?” the Twitter user wondered.

The British media contacted Kensington Palace reps in an attempt to get to the bottom of the Twitter mystery, but the royal spokespeople offered no comment in return.

Prince George, despite being less than 2-years-old, is now third in line to the throne of the United Kingdom. The succession comes into play upon the death of Queen Elizabeth — who turned 89 in April and has now reigned longer than any British monarch in history, with the exception of her own great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

When Elizabeth finally passes, her son Prince Charles would assume the throne, followed by his son Prince William. After William, Prince George is in line to become King of England.

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