Hawaii Skateboard Hero Chases Down Hit And Run Driver That Hit 13-Year-Old Girl

What do you get when you put Hawaii, a Good Samaritan, and a hit and run driver together? A Hawaiian hero grabbing his skateboard and chasing down the crazy driver before he can hit or kill anyone else.

That was the scene on the big island of Hawaii in Kailua-Kona, when Good Samaritan, Joshua Lambus, did some sidewalk and street surfing, skateboarding in pursuit of the hit and run driver who had already taken out a 13-year-old girl and judging by his reported ongoing ridiculous driving, was destined to kill or injure several more, reports West Hawaii Today.

But the Hawaiian skateboarder wasn’t about to let the hit and run driver do any more damage if he could help it, bombing his skateboard after the hit and run suspect and taking him down until police could get there.

Prior to Lambus jumping into action and skateboarding after the perp, the hit-and-run driver allegedly drove his SUV up onto a curb and hit the 13-year-old girl on Saturday afternoon in Kailua Village.

“I just wanted him to stop almost killing people,” said Lambus, who happened to be in another car behind the hit and run driver as they were going north up Alii Drive prior to the hit and driver plowing his SUV into the girl.

“He hit the girl at that moment,” Lambus said. “People were onto her, so I didn’t worry about her. I rode my skateboard up to the car door, opened it, engaged the emergency brake and held him there. I yelled at him a little.”

The cops arrived shortly thereafter, applying some well-earned handcuffs to the hit and run driver, Matthew Marso, 30, who had successfully put the life and limbs of many Hawaii natives and locals in jeopardy, but couldn’t outrun Good Samaritan Lambus and his skateboard.

The 13-year-old hit and run victim was reportedly taken to the hospital and said to be “faring well” as of Saturday evening, according to police.

According to witnesses, the hit and run driver tried to flee the scene, but traffic stymied his escape. At that point, Lambus skateboarded into the scene and chased the hit and run driver down, Hawaii style, holding the punk until police arrived.

The police investigation reportedly includes “complaints of driving under the influence, second degree negligent injury, third-degree promotion of a detrimental drug, damage to property and driving without a license and proof of insurance, according to preliminary information.”

Both hero-skateboarder Lambus and eyewitness accounts report the hit and run driver was “pinballing” along Alii Drive from Magic Sands north, forcing pedestrians to get out of the way however possible or be crushed against a guardrail.

The hit and run driver also narrowly missed putting a bicyclist through the guardrail, according to Hawaii skateboarding hero Lambus.

[Image via West Hawaii Today]

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