$100,000 Reward Offered By The State Of New York For Capture Of 2 Escaped Convicts

Two prison inmates, who managed to escape from a New York correctional facility near the Canadian border, may have taken days to dig their way out of their prison cells, the New York Times reported. Reportedly, the prisoners may have used power tools to break through steel walls, pipes, and brick. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a statement regarding the escaped convicts.

“A significant amount of time has elapsed… The truth is we have a number of leads but nothing that would lead us more specifically to where they are now or what direction they may be headed… These are dangerous men… [They are] capable of committing grave crimes once again.”

Authorities are currently trying to find out how the prisoners got a hold of power tools and how they managed to work for days unheard by correctional facility officers. The acting state corrections commissioner, Anthony Annucci, talked about the initial findings of the prison break

“A search revealed that there was a hole cut out of the back of the cell through which these inmates escaped… They went on to a catwalk which is about six stories high. We estimate they climbed down and had power tools and were able to get out to this facility through tunnels, cutting away at several spots.”

The escaped convicts, both of whom were serving life sentences for murder, are David Sweat, 34, and Richard Matt, 48. Sweat was convicted for killing a sheriff’s deputy in 2002. Matt was convicted for kidnapping and murdering his former boss in 1997. Governor Cuomo talked about the escaped convicts.

“These [men] are killers. They are murderers… There’s never been a question about the crimes they committed. They are now on the loose, and our first order of business is apprehending them.”

Governor Cuomo has posted a $50,000 reward each for information leading to the capture of Sweat and Matt, ABC News reported. The hope is that the $100,000 reward will lead to the swift capture of the fugitives. As the prisoners escaped, they left a racist picture on a Post-it note to mock the correctional facility officers. Cuomo talked about the escaped convicts and the note they left behind for authorities.

“I’m sure they knew that since it was the first escape it was going to be a big deal… But we’ll get them back and we’ll give them the note back.”

Sweat and Matt had escaped early on Saturday as reported by the Inquisitr.

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