Alessandra Ambrosio Is Having A Boy, Wants More Kids

Alessandra Ambrosio has revealed that her unborn child will be a boy. The Victoria’s Secret model, who announced her pregnancy in late-December 2011, told E! News:

“I am having a boy! I am so excited! Because I already have a daughter I know what to expect with a girl, so having a boy means it’s going to be surprising all over again. My fiancé is so excited. Now he has company! He won’t be in a house full of girls anymore!”

That means Ambrosio’s daughter, Anja, will soon have a little brother to play with. The model added:

“Before I found out the gender, I had lots of girls names picked out, but no boys names. That’s the hardest part! I have five good names for a girl and really none for a boy. I want something that works well in both Portuguese and English. It can’t be too American or my grandmother won’t be able to pronounce it!”

The little fellow will be along soon, as well – Ambrosio is apparently five weeks away from giving birth. Fortunately, 3-year-old Anja is full of name suggestions:

“Anja is telling everyone how happy she is. I love having a girl, she’s super fun. She’s really excited and has also come up with a name she would like him to be called. I told her that her name for him can be his nickname.”

Preparations in the family home are reportedly well underway. The 30-year-old told E! she’d been spending the past few weeks decorating her new son’s nursery (to be finished in a tasteful combination of aqua and khaki), and said that yoga was making her pregnancy far easier.

Furthermore, the Ambrosio brood could yet get bigger, with Ambrosio happy to have more children after her son arrives. She said:

“I used to say that I wanted five kids, but we’ll see how it goes.”

[Via E! Online]