WWE News: WWE Considering Changing Samoa Joe’s Name Once He Comes In Full-Time

Former TNA star Samoa Joe has made quite an impression on WWE fans since he arrived late last month. Joe has been in the news for good and bad reasons this past week, however. At WWE RAW, Samoa Joe worked a match with Tyson Kidd where he apparently hurt Kidd with his patented Muscle Buster move. It appeared that the move was hit like normal, but Kidd ended up getting hurt with what is being called a spinal injury of some kind. WWE finally acknowledged the injury, but didn’t offer much of an update.

It was then reported that WWE saw how well Samoa Joe’s merchandise was selling, as well as how much of an impact he made online. Vince McMahon and Triple H apparently saw dollar signs and decided to sign Joe to a full-time contract. Joe is set to work his scheduled Independent appearances, however. After the next set is done, he will be with WWE full-time and most likely a big part of WWE NXT for the foreseeable future.

Due to him signing a full-time deal, there is a lot of speculation on his name. According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE is throwing around the idea of changing Joe’s name like they do with all others. It was originally planned that Samoa Joe would use his name going forward, since WWE has already established him as such on NXT as well as in merchandise.

A main roster run is considered highly possible, especially if he continues to do well money wise for WWE. For now though, he is needed in NXT. With Kevin Owens pretty much done with NXT and on the main roster full-time mostly, only Finn Balor and Tyler Breeze are left from the big stars of this past year. Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami are both hurt and not expected back until October at the earliest.

That said, Samoa Joe is not only wanted by fans…but he is needed by WWE. It was originally thought that Joe would be still doing his past contract. This is most likely why Finn Balor will win the NXT Championship from Kevin Owens when the WWE goes to Japan next month. There was said to be a plan for Samoa Joe take on Kevin Owens for the title, but it appears WWE wanted to push Owens up quicker than they expected. Since Balor has the #1 contendership, it makes total sense for him to get the NXT Title soon.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]