January 12, 2020
Drinking Green Tea On A Regular Basis Could Help Extend One's Lifespan

Many people like to start the day by getting a caffeine boost through a cup of coffee. However, new research shows that green tea may be the healthier beverage option, delivering numerous health benefits and potentially even extending one's life. A new study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology examined over 10,000 Chinese adults and found that many green tea drinkers were able to avoid serious cardiac issues, according to Today.

The findings found that those that drank green tea at least three times a week experienced the most health benefits. Many of them avoided heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems. They were also found to live about one full year longer on average than non-tea drinkers. Green tea seemed the most effective, more so than other kinds of teas, such as black tea.

This study isn't trying to promote green tea as some sort of miracle beverage, but rather to show that incorporating it into one's daily life is likely a healthy choice that could be very rewarding. This is because green tea is rich in flavonoids, which is a compound that can help relieve inflammation in the body. Green tea can also promote healthy teeth and even prevent cancer. At the bare minimum, drinking tea regularly is a great way to consume water the body needs to stay hydrated.

"There's a lot of literature out there on tea and heart health. This is a health effect for which there is the strongest evidence," Anna Ardine, clinical nutrition manager at Magee-Womens Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center said of the way green tea can benefit heart health.

Tea is poured into a cup.
Pixabay | Pexels

Other earlier studies have also found that drinking green tea can promote weight loss, deliver plenty of antioxidants to the body, and even strengthen bones. As much as many people may love their coffee, there can be detrimental health effects to consuming too much caffeine. Luckily, green tea still provides a small caffeine boost, but contains far less caffeine than a cup of coffee. It also won't stain teeth the way coffee does, Ardine explained.

"Japanese researchers have found that tea can decrease tooth loss. It changes the pH in your mouth when you drink it and that may be what prevents cavities."
Many celebrities and social media users drink detox teas that are supposed to help with weight loss. As The Inquisitr previously reported, matcha green tea is another very healthy and popular option at the moment.