NBA: Houston Rockets Center Dwight Howard Says Out With ‘Superman,’ Now Wants To Be Called ‘Flash’

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard has encouraged fans to refer him as his self-appointed nickname, “Superman,” since entering the NBA in 2004 with the Orlando Magic, disregarding the fact that the nickname and theatrics, including often wearing the iconic Superman S symbol and his chest and donning a cape, were bitten directly from former Orlando Magic big man and NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. Now, with Howard and his Rockets having made an early exit from the NBA post-season, it appears Howard figures that a change of alter ego might help his chances of reaching the finals next year.

TMZ reports that Howard has made it known that he has now renounced the “Superman” moniker and is encouraging fans now to refer to him as “The Flash,” based off of the popular DC Comics character that has recently come into popularity with the successful CW television series of the same name. Howard has gone so far as to commission 713 Motoring in Houston to completely customize his 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in a full Flash color scheme, including red leather interior with the Flash logo and a Flash logo spotlight that appears whenever Howard opens his car door.

Ash, owner of 713 Motorsports, told TMZ that Howard has always held an affinity for superhero based personas and felt a change was needed with Howard’s signing in Houston.

“When he came to the Rockets, he wanted a change. He said he no longer wanted to be called ‘Superman;’ he is now ‘Flash’ out here in Houston.”

Howard’s tricked out ride, whose customization is reported to have cost upwards of $65,000, still doesn’t hold a candle to Lakers forward Carlos Boozer, who dropped a total of $250,000 to have his recently purchased 2015 Mercedes-Benz G63 tricked out in all satin black with a custom body kit and Avorza 22-inch rims. Boozer refers to his ride as the “Blackmobile.” No word yet if Dwight “Flash” Howard has come up with a name for his Flash-inspired rig, or whether his recent choice of nickname is a direct reference to the speed with which Howard’s Rockets were bounced out of the playoffs by the Golden State Warriors, who, with a 1-0 NBA Finals series lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, look poised to win their first NBA Championship.

Meanwhile. Rick Chandler at SportsGrid seems confused by the timing of Howard’s moniker change and offers several speculative choices as to what future superhero themed nicknames Howard might choose before his NBA career is finished.

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