Three Villains For ‘The Flash’ Season Two

The Flash season two will still have some loose ends to tie up when it premieres this fall. The breakout hit for The CW has even surpassed its inspiration, Arrow. One reason many people feel The Flash has been such a huge success is due to how true it has stayed to the source material. For those not familiar with The Flash comic, he has quite an eccentric group when it comes to his rogues gallery.

A problem The Flash may find itself with in season two is a lack of familiar villains. For obvious reasons, the network threw as many of Flash’s more known villains at us early. This has left fans with very few of the rogues that most have heard of. Not to mention, some of the remaining scoundrels may fail to translate into small screen success. With that said, here are three reprobates we can expect to see in season two who were announced at WonderCon this year by Producer Andrew Kreisberg.

The first confirmed villain for season two of The Flash is Mirror Master. Much in the same way we saw two Tricksters this year, Mirror Master has had multiple people playing the character throughout the lifetime of the comic. Mirror Master has the ability to use mirrors to create duplicates of people. He then has those duplicates commit crimes for him. With most of the the villains at this point being the product of the destruction of the particle accelerator, Mirror Master seems to fit in well.

Doctor Alchemy is also set to appear in the second season. This character’s origin will most likely have to be changed for the show. The original Doctor Alchemy was the forensic lab director for the Central City Police Department. This seems to be Barry’s current position considering no other forensic specialist has showed up on the show. Kreisberg confirmed these first two to Comic Book Resources.

“I think we definitely want to meet the Mirror Master next year. I’m sure Dr. Alchemy will show up at some point. And we’ve got one thing that hopefully people will lose their minds over.”

The final villain that was mentioned as a possibility is Killer Frost. Most comic readers have seen this coming for some time considering that Caitlin Snow is Killer Frost. This could be an interesting concept. Danielle Panabaker has done a wonderful job up to this point, and it would be interesting to see what kind of reaction the fans may have for her turning into a baddie.

One thing’s for sure, with alternate timelines being introduced, anything is possible. Is there a particular villain not mentioned the you would like to see in The Flash season two?

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