Are Some LGBT Members Petitioning GLAAD To Denounce Caitlyn Jenner?

It may be shocking, but there appears to be some members of the LGBT community who aren’t exactly supportive of Caitlyn Jenner. A story about the new Ms. Jenner from gay site Towleroad revealed some shocking comments afterwards.

“OMG, Bruce is a media whore, not a hero. Visibility and connections/popularity do not make you a hero…I’ve known MANY trans people over the years that endured and overcame far more than Bruce ever will, with far less support and resources,” writes commenter “Buck.”

Some of the other people who commented agreed with him.

“Buck is right. Caitlyn Jenner is nothing but a white privileged fame and attention seeker,” wrote user “Dubois.”

One of the posts on the site leads to a petition at that is aimed towards GLAAD and it’s not something Caitlyn Jenner supporters will like.

“Caitlyn Jenner is a mentally ill sociopath who is hurting the image of the LGBT community with his/her actions. He/She/It does not represent many of us in the LGBT community, who believe in transgender rights, but not the right to exploit yourself and your mental illness in order to make money.”

The petition, supposedly from LGBT folks, calls Jenner “despicable.” Some of the comments from people who signed the petition are quite interesting.

“I am a transgendered woman who is absolutely insulted by the way Caitlyn is exploiting us. It has nothing to do with LGBT rights. It’s all about the ‘white privilege’ to make a fool out of yourself,” claims Danica Petrovich.

“Caitlyn Jenner is a joke and God will have his way with him,” writes petitioner David O’Malley.

The post by Mr. O’Malley is quite telling in that the whole petition could have been started by some right wing organization trolling as LGBT folks. Right wing Christian organizations are furious about the coverage Caitlyn Jenner is getting. The Christian Post quotes “former” lesbian hip-hop artist Jackie-Hill Perry.

“When God is involved, now it’s a bigger deal. He created your body. He sovereignly allows you to be male or female, so for you to go against Him is an eternal issue.”

There are other petitions on trying to degrade Caitlyn, such as the one asking that her Olympic medals be taken away. However, none of them are produced under the guise of people in the LGBT community who are so vehemently against Jenner. Do you think the LGBT petition against Jenner is real, or was it created with an anti-LGBT agenda in mind?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]