Soldier Drives 900 Miles After Attempted Robbery At Home — Now He’s Accused Of Murder

An Army soldier drove 900 miles after he found out there had been an attempted robbery at his home and now he’s accused of murdering a man.

The soldier — stationed at Fort Polk in Louisiana — drove all the way to Hinesville, Georgia, to check on his wife, but what he found at home was not what he expected.

Jermaine Ray Mealy was arrested and charged with murdering 41-year-old Nathaniel Brown, Jr. of Hinesville, according to Liberty County Sheriff’s coroner. The New York Daily News reports the soldier — a 31-year-old chief warrant officer — drove over 900 miles from his training base in Texarkana — in northeast Texas — on Friday night following a reported robbery at the house.

When he arrived home at around 12:15 p.m., the soldier found his wife with Brown, Jr., police say and a fight ensued. Officers responded to the scene to find Brown shot multiple times in the chest and stomach, the report indicates.

The victim was rushed to Liberty Regional Medical Center in Hinesville where he was later pronounced dead despite efforts to save him, according to Chief of Detectives, Thomas Cribbs.

Police Department Lt. Susy Jackson told WTOC-TV that Mealy spoke to his wife following the alleged burglary at 10:45 p.m. on Friday night.

“She told him not to worry about it because police had been here. This morning, she had a friend that came over, and then later her husband shows up.”

Now the soldier faces first-degree murder charges. At this time no bail has been set for his release. People who know Mealy are shocked at the developments and have been defending the Army soldier on WTOC’s Facebook page, as have those who are total strangers.

“I served with this man and he is honorable and respected by many including myself,” one commenter wrote.

Others are talking about the soldier’s wife, who is not identified at this time, and her infidelity. Some commenters complain that she has given military wives a bad rap because of her actions.

“And this is why military spouses have such bad reps…WE are not all like this!! I’m praying for the solider!! His wife is to blame for all this! And I’m sure the guy had no idea she was even married. The solider came home making sure his wife was safe.”

Others are sympathetic to both sides and ask for prayers for all those involved, including the victim and the soldier who is accused of killing him.

[Image via WTOC]

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