ISIS Is Moving Money Using Bitcoin – Digital Currency Aiding Recruitment, Training, And Weapons Procurement?

The terrorist group ISIS or Islamic State has been using Bitcoin, a digital currency, to mobilize funds across the world. The virtual currency appears to be indirectly aiding the spread of terror.

ISIS has shown the world to what unforeseen depths of cruelty humans can sink. The terrorist faction has been wreaking havoc across large swaths of land and has continued on its path of barbarism and wanton destruction, despite facing one of the largest organized militaries of the world – America.

It seems the terrorist group had faced problems transferring funds that are needed to keep remote terror cells well-funded on multiple occasions. These cells are the outposts in foreign lands that subtly brainwash and recruit thousands of youth into their organization, which seems to prosper on terror itself.

Such large-scaled organized terror tactics need money that can be moved quickly. Though ISIS has devised multiple inhuman methods to make quick bucks, it still needed a fluid and unhindered system to move it. It seems ISIS stumbled upon the most ideal form of currency handling platform – Bitcoin.

The digital currency that has been amidst numerous controversies, but is adored by technocrats, has offered to rid ISIS of its money handling woes. The terror group’s international money transfers were becoming quite problematic, complex, and vulnerable to scrutiny and seizure. After ISIS discovered the magic of Bitcoin, it has been relying heavily on the digital currency to quickly and quietly transfer funds, allowing it to expand terrorist cells throughout the remaining free world.

Referred to as the Dark Web or DeepWeb, tech savvy Jihadists have been using mobile apps that allow them to transfer Bitcoins to terrorist cells in any corner of the world while avoiding the watchful eyes of the law. Multiple agencies have time and again attempted to regulate the world wide web, but given the vastness of the internet, it is practically impossible to monitor it for such activities.

Taking advantage of the virtually guaranteed anonymity on the internet and the relative ease of dealing in Bitcoins, ISIS has discovered one of the smoothest ways to fund terror across the globe. Moreover, with a little programming knowledge, anyone can log onto the dark web’s hidden sites and purchase any kind of illegal product and services.

While the tech world debates the price versus value factors of Bitcoin, ISIS has already exploited the platform to ensure its remote terror cells are flush with funds and weapons.

[Image Credit | Thomas Trutschel / Getty Images]

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