Caitlyn Jenner Shares Inspirational Photo With Fellow Transgender Friends

Caitlyn Jenner is slowly becoming more and more active on social media following her transition, and over the weekend, she shared a photo on Instagram that immediately went viral and garnered over 250,000 likes on the image-sharing site.

Jenner, who has been pretty public about her transition since an in-depth interview with Diane Sawyer aired last month, debuted a glamorous, ground-breaking Vanity Fair cover that nearly broke the Internet and started a conversation about those who have transitioned from one gender to another. In the days since Vanity Fair released the cover, Jenner’s family have been mostly supportive on social media and in interviews, particularly her stepchildren, the Kardashians. The four eldest Jenner children were very open with Vanity Fair, talking about how their relationship with their father wasn’t always so good when they were younger, but that their hope is to have a better bond with Caitlyn.

Caitlyn has spoken quite a bit about her journey and wrote on Instagram that she’s learning a lot with some help from her friends.

“Learn from those who have walked the path before you. #TransIsBeautiful #LivingOurTruth #JustTheBeginning,” she wrote.

Jenner has inspired quite a few people with her Vanity Fair cover. As the Guardian reported last week, several new covers have popped up on Twitter as members of the trans community take strength from Caitlyn’s actions and make their own.

As Caitlyn gears up for the premiere of her own reality show on E!, Kris Jenner is reportedly having a hard time dealing with her arrival. As one source said, Kris is jealous that Caitlyn is stealing the spotlight from her and wasn’t expecting her to look so natural after her surgery.

“No one in the family was expecting Caitlyn to be as beautiful as she is. Everyone is shocked at how soft and natural she looks and, of course, Kris is just through the roof,” the source said.

Indeed, Caitlyn is garnering a lot of attention right now, not just for her outward appearance, but because of the upcoming reality show and a rumored gig judging the Miss USA pageant, the only one that allows transgender contestants.

“While she is not yet confirmed to judge, the organization would indeed love to have her and are reaching out to make an offer,” the Miss USA organization said in a statement.

[Photo courtesy Instagram / Caitlyn Jenner]