Eduardo Garcia: Arrested Florida Camper Hit On 911 Dispatcher, Bragged About Muscles

What was a Florida camper thinking about when he called 911 to ask the operator out on a date? On Wednesday, Lake County police arrested Eduardo “Edward” Raoul Garcia when he called an emergency dispatcher repeatedly, made passes at her, and bragged on his guns — not the shooting type: Garcia boasted about his muscles, according to a WTSP news report.

Every woman’s dream is to get the stranger call from their Romeo, who dials their job repeatedly, brags about his burly stature and goes in for the kill by asking them out on a date, right? Well, Garcia thought he couldn’t lose with the stuff he used. It turns out that the Florida man’s lovey-dovey plan backfired — in the most terrible way.

A 911 operator received a call from the 44-year-old Garcia, who complained that he was receiving “harassing” phone calls. The specific details of his grievance is unknown, or if his charges have any basis in fact.

Nonetheless, the caller, presumed to be Eduardo Garcia, went off on a tangent, apparently, when he was smitten by the operator’s alluring voice. Source say the underwhelmed 911 dispatcher disconnected what seemed like a prank call. Moments later, the Florida aspiring suitor called back several times.

At that point, police traced the call to Lake Griffin State Park in Fruitland Park, Florida. Police were dispatched to the campsite, located about 55 miles north of Disney World in Orlando.

Officers met with an attendant who said a man, who appeared to be impaired, checked in earlier. Police went to the suspected site, but did not find any occupants. Later, they returned and called the telephone number outside a tent, and heard it ringing. At that point, they entered the tent and found Garcia there surrounded by beer cans.

After a brief investigation, Florida police took Garcia into custody over the harassing phone calls. While walking to the cruiser, the man allegedly made threats to the arresting officer, saying he wanted to “head butt him and kill him.” Once inside the patrol car, the man allegedly spit on the back of the officer’s head.

Garcia was booked at the local Florida jail. He faces charges on battery of a police officer and misusing the emergency call system. A judge assigned bail of $2,500.

Perhaps if Eduardo Garcia didn’t make his Casanova moves on the Florida dispatcher while in an alleged drunken stupor, he would have gotten his Juliet.

[Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images]

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