Distraught Owner Suing Dog Walker Who She Claims Sold Her Dog For Drugs

Morgan Bogle of Manhattan, New York left her 4-year-old beloved rescued pit bull Sugar in the care of a dog walker she had used for three years when she went on a business trip to London. However, on February 23, the walker lost Sugar, and the dog’s whereabouts are a mystery since then. Bogle has now filed a lawsuit against her former canine caretaker and alleges that he sold her dog for drugs, according to the New York Post.

Bogle’s quest has gone viral over the months, as she used social media to try to find Sugar, including offering a $10,000-no-questions-asked return reward. She even created the viral hashtag #FindSugarNYC during her nonstop search. She posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and she plastered her area with flyers, and even rented a billboard all to find her sweet brown pit bull with an asymmetrical white front and white triangle on her head. Sugar is described as being sweet and well-mannered.

Bogle also believes her dog may have been sold for illegal dog-fighting and says she was told that Doerr either traded Sugar in for PCP or sold Sugar for money to buy drugs, according to the Daily Mail. Bogle claims the following in court papers, according to The New York Post.

“[Bogle] has also been told… that [Doerr] ‘traded’ Sugar to some drug dealers in return for PCP or sold Sugar in order to obtain money to buy drugs….Morgan believes that her best friend and beloved pet was sold by Doerr to be used in connection with dog-fighting or traded for controlled substances….[Doerr was] detained by the police who had allegedly searched him and found him in possession of a controlled substance, believed to be PCP.”

The canine caretaker Tommy Doerr claims to have had “an unexplained psychotic episode” and doesn’t recall what happened to Sugar, according to court papers. But Bogle isn’t buying his excuse, and in the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, she filed she claimed that Doerr, 46, was “detained by the police who had allegedly searched him and found him in possession of a controlled substance, believed to be PCP.” Her suit is seeking damages of a judge ordering Doerr to return Sugar or pay $10,000 to her. As time passes, Bogle “is rapidly losing hope that Sugar will ever be found alive.”

Doerr was supposed to watch Sugar at his East 26th Street apartment, yet witnesses state that on that fateful February 23, they saw Doerr kicking Bogle’s apartment’s door and shouting. A witness stated the following regarding Doerr, according to the Daily Mail.

“He was screaming, ‘F**k you! Let me in the f*****g house now!’ He seemed manic….I told him, You’re acting like a lunatic. He was muttering stuff, but it wasn’t coherent at all.”

A neighbor contacted Bogle, who sent a friend to Doerr’s home, where he allegedly was acting strangely, hiding behind a trash can. The friend called the police, and Doer was subsequently admitted to Bellevue Medical Center. While at Bellevue, Doerr allowed Bogle to go into his home seeking Sugar, but all that remained of her precious dog was her collar and sweater. So she flew back to the United States to find her dog.

Doer is counter-suing Bogle, accusing her of defamation because of the “false” drug allegations. He also claims Bogle’s pet detective intimidated him and told him he should kill himself. His attorney Mel Ginsburg acknowledges that Doerr lost the dog, but doesn’t remember how, and he stated the following according to the New York Post.

“I can tell you there was a drug intake [at the hospital] and it was completely negative, which proves that any allegation that he was on any kind of drugs is completely false….There’s a lot of completely false allegations being made about this case. Nobody’s going to fake going into the hospital. There’s no intent here….Things happen that people don’t remember.”

Although the court will ultimately decide this case, what judgment do you think should be rendered and why? Please leave your comments below.

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