Kevin Owens Tweeted The Perfect Response To Body Shaming Bully

Kevin Owens has a nasty ring persona, and he tries to bring that into his Twitter account as much as possible.

(Seriously, if you haven’t seen the way he acts with fans on the micro-blogging site, you really should start following the guy. Some of his comebacks are works of art.)

One of the frequent targets that some of the dumber WWE fans try to use frequently goes something like this: “Ur fat u suck loloolololololololololol!!”

Personally, I find Kevin Owens to be a breath of fresh air because he doesn’t have the traditional superhero look that WWE usually goes for, and it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t.

That’s because he can do some things in the ring that many guys half his size can’t pull off.

Nevertheless, idiots will be idiots, and one decided to take him to task with a recent tweet that bought into the whole body shaming bully phenomenon.

His response? Perfection.

Ten words is all the NXT Champ needed to set this person in her place. And for one of the WWE’s best heels, it was an unlikely dose of positivity, especially considering the guy likes to keep it kayfabe most of the time. After the response, there was plenty of support to go around.

It’s part of Kevin Owens’ gimmick that everything he does in the ring — even all the bad guy stuff — is “for my family!”

His opponents have questioned how he could be a good role model when he injures guys like Sami Zayn and publicly disrespects John Cena.

Well, he just showed you how.

What do you think about Owens’ response to the Twitter bully? And do you think that his “look” should have anything to do with his being pushed within the WWE? Just overall how do you feel about Kevin Owens? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via WWE]

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