Madonna’s Ex-Producer Avicii Slams British Tabloid For Out-Of-Context Article About ‘Rebel Heart’

Madonna‘s ex-producer Avicii learned what he probably should have known ahead of time: When you give an interview with a well-known British tabloid, they are bound to take your words out of context to create a totally different article than you thought.

In 2014, Avicii and Madonna worked together on many tracks (the demos of these leaked). Some of those demos included “Rebel Heart,” “Wash All Over Me,” and “Borrowed Time.” Many Madonna fans accused Avicii of leaking the demos and Madonna abruptly stopped working with him. She barely acknowledged Avicii when talking about the album Rebel Heart in interviews.

Well, we now hear Avicii’s side of the story — sort of. The Daily Star ran a headline titled “Madonna ruined my track: Avicii slams the Queen of Pop.” The article makes it look like Avicii really hates Madonna.

“To speak out against Madonna takes some guts but it seems Avicii was not afraid. He continued his assault on the living legend by admitting he preferred the leaked demo. He said: ‘I thought it was better. It was more me.'”

Of course, Avicii never “assaulted” Madonna in the interview; he just explained why, in his opinion, things didn’t work out. He admits that they were both on the same page, but he wasn’t happy with the final product. The Daily Star assumes it’s because Madonna’s ego got the best of her, and one of the commenters under the article, who goes by the name of “BrunaMedina,” had something interesting to say about that.

“So if Madonna wants to go in a different direction, it’s because of her ‘huge ego.’ If Bruce Springsteen or Mick Jagger want to control their own albums, they’re creative geniuses. Misogyny at it’s best, but it doesn’t surprise me anymore. But I don’t believe Avicii insulted Madonna for a single second.”

Avicii took to Instagram to condemn the Daily Star. He wrote, “Or maybe your shi**y interviewers ruined what could have been a good interview,” in a picture next to the Madonna headline. It’s obvious that Avicii wasn’t trying to put down Madonna. The leaked demo he was talking about was most likely “Rebel Heart” and even Madonna’s own fans will admit they like it better than the final product.

“Lol! But there’s one thing that it’s for sure… your #RebelHeart demo was so much better than the final version included on the album! #WashAllOverMe was great, too. I mean, you are the greatest DJ in the world! Thanks for that amazing song!” wrote Madonna fan “johnymadder” right below Avicii’s post.

Have you listened to both the demo and final versions of the song “Rebel Heart”? Which version do you like better — Avicii’s demo or Madonna’s final version? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Billboard]

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