‘Hannibal’ Showrunner Bryan Fuller Envisions ‘Dark Comedic’ Role For David Bowie

The third season of Hannibal is now in post-production. Although David Bowie didn’t make an appearance, showrunner Bryan Fuller is hopeful that the rock icon will have a role in upcoming installments.

Last year, when Hannibal received a third-season pick up and was waiting to establish filming dates, Fuller told Collider there were discussions with Bowie’s people. He was told to be in touch once the schedule was determined, giving Fuller hope for a collaboration.

“I think the man walks on water, so I would love to be in his orbit, in some way.”

Now that season three has wrapped, Fuller provided an update to Den of Geek about whatever happened to the idea of David Bowie acting on the series. He chalks it up to scheduling as the musician’s people have reiterated he should continue to be in touch.

“We’ve had several conversations with his people and the feedback is always that David loves that we’re approaching him and to keep approaching, and hopefully the stars will align.”

Fuller apparently made news by implying, at least to the London Evening Standard, that Bowie was busy with another album in the works. Fuller said that the musician had several other projects on the go.

“He’s got a new musical that he’s plotting, he’s got new albums that he’s plotting, so he’s simply not available right now.”

The new musical, Lazarus, is based on one of Bowie’s film roles, The Man Who Fell to Earth. Bowie is co-writing the play and providing new music. Prior to Fuller’s comments, there had been no word in the media of a new album.

Bowie’s last release was a compilation record, Nothing Has Changed, which was a retrospective of his 50-year career and included some new tracks.

As for Hannibal, Fuller told Den of Geek he is open to whatever role Bowie might want to play. Nearly two years ago Pitchfork reported Hannibal producers had Bowie in mind to play the lead character’s uncle. But Fuller says he wants to hear Bowie’s own ideas.

“What I would love to do is collaborate with him and craft a role that uses his skillset as a comedian, because his comic timing is so good. I would love to write a very dark comedic role for him.”

Fans of Bowie’s will recall his guest spot on Ricky Gervais’ Extras, where he played a fictionalized version of himself. You can have a look at that clip below.

[Left Photo: Bryan Fuller by Andrew Toth / Getty Images; Right Photo: David Bowie by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images]