Amy Hillrich: Killer Wife Leaves Husband ‘Dear John’ Letter About Why He Has To Die

Amy Hillrich is an estranged wife who didn’t want to deal with her husband any longer. Saying that he was making her life miserable, she asked for help.

Two juries have found Hillrich guilty in the murder of her estranged husband. Though married, she’s maintained an extra-marital relationship with a 28-year-old man named David Olvera, as reported by Press Enterprise.

Apparently, to Amy, the relationship was toxic. The enstranged husband and wife were having custody issues for their children. As her claim reports, this is why she said that her husband, John Hillrich, was making her life miserable. Well, that and his dislike of her relationship with the 28-year-old.

“The couple had been separated for some years, but shared custody of their two young children in Yucaipa. John Hillrich had concerns about his wife’s relationship with Olvera.”

The PE mentions that Amy Hillrich asked her boyfriend and his friend, Emilio Pelayo Saldana, to help her get rid of her problem. On August 16, 2011, after devising the plan, Olvera and his friend shot John at his workplace — approximately around 2 p.m., in an Ontario parking structure on the 3400 block of Centre Lake Drive.

The kicker is the note she left her Husband. It was a fatal “Dear John” letter. In the note, Amy set forth an apology covering why he had to be killed. It was found in her purse and was also signed, “Love, Nikki.”

However, the trio didn’t get away with the murder. They’ve been convicted and are now awaiting sentencing. The Fontana Herald News reported as follows.

“The trial required two juries — one for Amy Hillrich, 42, of Yucaipa, and one for the two killers, David Olvera, 28, of Yucaipa and Emilio Saldana, 25, of Calimesa.

“A jury found Olvera and Saldana both guilty of killing John Hillrich, Amy’s husband, on May 29. On May 14, after less than three hours of deliberation, a second jury found Amy Hillrich guilty of first degree murder.”

According to the same source, the sentencing will happen on July 16, in Rancho Cucamonga at the Superior Court, Dept. R10. Amy Hillrich is set to receive 26-years to life, while Olvera and Saldana are both set to receive 51-years to life, each.

What are your thoughts about Amy and her premeditated murder of John Hillrich? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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