Ripped Red Kangaroo Crushes Buckets For Fun, Loves His Teddy Bear Bunny

First, there was Dave, the buff kangaroo giant who terrorizes the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. Now Dave has an even tougher rival. Roger the ripped ‘roo is ready to take on all kangaroos who get in his way. Dave is a two-meter tall eastern grey who took to stalking the neighborhood streets and scaring locals who are out for a walk with equally scared dogs, but Roger the red is taller at a “whopping 2.007m tall from top to tail.”

Kangaroo watchers admit that Dave is heavier, weighing in at six kilograms more than Roger’s 89 kilograms. But Roger “Big Red” is only nine-years-old. He could grow to be even bigger than Dave. His attitude is already bigger.

Roger probably has an easier life than his rival Dave. Roger lives at the The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, where manager Chris Barnes keeps an eye on him.

“His daily exercise regime is sparring his rivals and chasing his human Mum, me.”

The “macho marsupial” also likes to keep fit by crushing large metal pails with his bare paws, all the while directing a menacing glare at cameras aimed his way.

Roger hasn’t always had it so easy. As a baby kangaroo, he was orphaned when his mother died on the side of a busy road. Barnes found the little guy in mum’s pouch and took him home to the kangaroo sanctuary. The Big Red kangaroo has come a long way since then.

Guess who I am? This is a photo of me as a tiny, almost hairless orphan joey. I am now almost 9 years old, love cuddling my bunny, crushing metal buckets and am the boss kangaroo of my mob.

Posted by The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs on Saturday, 23 May 2015

Nowadays, Roger is one tough kangaroo.

He can easily disembowel a person (or worse!) and doesn’t like anyone getting in his way. Even his foster mom has to be careful.

Roger especially doesn’t like people messing with his girlfriends, and he considers all the females to belong to him. Barnes said Roger makes his feelings clear.

“He will attack anyone or anything that gets too close to him or his women.”

Roger has a softer side though. Even a ripped, rough, and ready-for-a-fight kangaroo needs some snuggling sometimes. It’s a tough life crushing metal, sparring with rivals, and being the alpha male all the time. Last year, Barnes gave Roger a big stuffed bunny for Easter. Roger liked his new pal right away and still carries it around with him when he’s feeling down.

“When I gave it to him, he snatched it off me really quickly and proceeded to attack it, giving it a ‘bear hug,'” said Barnes.

Aw! Crushing metal or hugging bunnies, Roger’s got no worries.

[Image via The Daily Mail]

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