WWE News: Dwight Howard To Join WWE? Triple H Has Extended The Offer To The NBA Star

For nearly a decade, NBA star Dwight Howard has been the most dominant center in basketball. But over the past few years — mostly due to injury — Howard has slowed down a bit, and it does seem that he’s not quite the player that he once was. So, with the injuries piling up that are obviously effecting his performance on the court, maybe it’s time for the 29-year-old Howard to step away from the sports world, and step into the sports-entertainment world, because WWE’s Chief Operating Officer Triple H has extended the offer to the eight-time NBA All-Star and the three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year to join WWE.

Howard appeared at this week’s SmackDown taping in Houston, which is, of course, the home of Howard’s team, the Houston Rockets. Howard did a backstage interview that was posted on WWE’s YouTube channel, where he was pretty excited to be at the event. Afterwards, Triple H snapped a photo with the near seven-footer, posted it on Twitter and said that “When you want to get in the ring, just give me a call.”


At 6’11”, 240 pounds, and all muscle, Howard is perfect for WWE, which has always been — and probably forever will be — a big man’s company. Despite his injuries, Howard is still a terrific NBA player, and is a phenomenal athlete. So, on the outside chance that Howard did join WWE, he may very well end up being the most athletic guy they have on the roster.

Howard is a longtime WWE fan, and if he did decide to join WWE, even for just one night, he’d follow in the footsteps of NBA legends such as Shaquille O’Neal, Dennis Rodman, and Karl Malone, all of whom have stepped into the squared-circle in the past.

Rodman and Malone were part of an angle together back in the WCW days, where Malone teamed with Diamond Dallas Page, and Rodman teamed with the NWO and, more importantly, Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Shaq has made a couple of appearances in the world of pro wrestling. Back in 1994 at WCW Bash at the Beach, Shaq accompanied Hulk Hogan to the ring for his World Heavyweight Championship match against Ric Flair. Then, nearly 15 years later, Shaq hosted WWE Monday Night RAW, and was quite possibly the best guest host that WWE has ever had.

The chances are slim that Dwight Howard ends up joining WWE in the near-future, but you never know; after his career is finally over, maybe he’ll make the transition to WWE’s world of sports-entertainment.

[Image via WWE]