iPhone 5: The Smart Phone Choice For Bargain Hunters

If you are hunting for a bargain smart phone, the iPhone 5 is one of the smart phones to buy. Tech Times reports that T-Mobile is offering the iPhone 5 to customers. Apple’s last-gen mobile device is considered one of the true value phones available for those who are looking at a potential bang for their bucks.

T-Mobile is selling the certified pre-owned version of the iPhone 5 to their customers for less than $300. The actual list price for Apple’s last iPhone is $289.92.

That is a great deal of savings when considering that an unused iPhone 5 would cost you $499. With all of the specs that you would get from an Apple device, the possibility of saving over $200 is enticing for cell phone bargain hunters.

Just in case that price is too steep, the iPhone 5 is available with no money down and for a slight monthly fee.

BERLIN - NOVEMBER 09: A customer leaves with a just-purchased Apple iPhone at a T-Mobile shop on the first day the mobile phone went on sale November 9, 2007 in Berlin, Germany. T-Mobile has the exclusive conract to sell the iPhone in Germany. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The version of the iPhone 5 that T-Mobile is offering has a storage capacity of 16GB. It is everything a customer can expect. By it being a certified pre-owned model, the condition of the phone should be great, guaranteeing a good option. Parents who are not sure if their teenagers are ready to handle a high-priced smart phone should find this bargain comforting.

Cell phone prices are steadily rising. A reason for this might be the demand. Essentially they have already replaced the landline phones as the primary means of communication. Your typical family of four or five would be hard press to afford high-priced smart phones for everyone in the household over the age of 11.

Slider phones are no longer cool, flip phones will leave you to be ridiculed, therefore wanting the latest fancy smart phone becomes the norm. Families looking to save on the cost of a smart phone would be pleased about the possibility of owning the iPhone 5 at such a reasonable price.

Other top value phones that were mentioned by Tech Times were the LG G Stylo, the Samsung Galaxy Avant, and the Nokia Lumina 635.

There are other options for those looking for a good value. Ting was recently mentioned in a Yahoo News published report as one of few lost-cost MVNO providers in the United States market. Consumers in the Canadian market are not able to take advantage of the savings. Ting employs a “pay what you use” model that could leave your cell phone bill as low as $31.

Project Fi was another provider that was mentioned in the report.

The good news is that those who wish to own an iPhone can purchase an iPhone 5 via T-Mobile at an affordable price. The iPhone 5 is one of several options for the smart phone bargain hunter.

[Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]