Watch Man Play ‘Pink Panther’ Theme Tune On A Saxophone Without Actually Using A Saxophone

The video shows a man entertaining friends at a bar by playing the Pink Panther theme tune on a saxophone, although he never actually uses the instrument.

The man, who was out drinking with a couple of friends at a bar, explains that he can play the saxophone in a way no one else can. He tells his friends that he is able to play the saxophone without actually using a saxophone.

“I play the saxophone. But I play the saxophone different to everyone else… I don’t need a saxophone to play the saxophone… No honestly…”

His friends were confused by the apparently self-contradictory statement and one asks, “How’s that then? How’s that?”

But he assures his friends that he means exactly what he says. His friends then ask him to go ahead and demonstrate how to play a saxophone without using one.

The man prepares himself as his friends wait in silence. He holds his hands in front of him, pretends to hold the musical instrument in his fingers, and proceeds to play an imaginary saxophone by simulating the sound of the instrument with his vocal cords.

The man, who appears to be British, replicates the sound of a saxophone with his vocal cords with astonishing accuracy. He plays the well-known Pink Panther theme tune.

His friends, amazed by the unusual party trick, applaud as he ends the performance.

Someone cries “Fantastic,” as the man returns to his drink.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube by user Declan Feeney, on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, has gone viral online with nearly a million views. Many viewers expressed astonishment at the accuracy of the man’s vocal replication of the sound of a saxophone.

A YouTube user comments, “This is awesome!! I love it!! Very impressive.”

Another exclaims, “Awesome alto sax! That was great.”

A third user says, “Guaranteed he does this while sneaking down to raid the fridge for a snack on tip toes.”

One viewer claims he is also able to imitate a saxophone with his vocal cords but admits that it is “harder to imitate a saxophone than a cello.”

A few viewers criticized the performance.

One viewer, who presumably plays the instrument, comments, “If his hand placement was right, he could have pulled off a better impression.”

Another YouTube viewer complained about the vertical format of the video.

[Image: YouTube/Declan Feeney]