WWE News: Company Considering Bringing Back Wrestling Cruise Line

If you’re a long-time wrestling fan, you might remember the advertisements in the mid-1990s for the WWE Wrestle Vessel. The Wrestle Vessel was a cruise ship that fans could take a vacation on, for an exorbitant price, and interact for a few days with some of their favorite wrestling stars for a few days. Everyone from Bret Hart to Shawn Michaels to “Stone Cold Steve Austin (complete with a “Take Me Home, I’m Drunk” shirt) to Sunny participated on the Wrestle Vessel cruise line.

Though they may not want to admit it, WWE actually got their cruise line idea from their arch rival, WCW. While WWE launched the Wrestle Vessel in 1996, WCW had been in the cruise line game for much longer. WCW had originated their cruise line, called the Bruise Cruise, back in 1991.

There are famous stories of Tom Zenk getting involved in a limbo contest with fans, the Fabulous Freebirds somehow behaving themselves (kind of) while being surrounded by water, alcohol, and great weather for days on end, and much more. These stories were recounted in a WWE.com feature piece on the former wrestling cruise lines back in 2012. Michael Hayes seemed to particularly enjoy his time on the WCW cruise line.

“It was a good time. Me and Jimmy ‘Jam’ (Garvin) started a food fight one night. A couple of tops came off in the pool. We drank and played cards. It wasn’t PG at all, but it was pretty cool.”

The WWE’s Wrestle Vessel seemed to be more about organized activities, whereas the WCW Bruise Crusie was about, well, partying. The Wrestle Vessel usually involved activities like group-watching WWE Monday Night RAW, volleyball tournaments, horseshoe tournaments with Mr. Perfect, autograph sessions, and question and answer opportunities.

Well, it now seems as though WWE is thinking about bringing back this yearly event from the past. In a recent survey sent to fans on the WWE email list, the company asked about the possibility of bringing back a multi-day cruise line experience where fans could interact with WWE superstars.

The WWE originally retired the Wrestle Vessel after the 1999 voyage. Is time for a return voyage? What kinds of activities would a new-age WWE Wrestle Vessel incorporate? Perhaps a seminar on learning the basics of organic foods from Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella? Certainly a DDP Yoga class could be worked into the schedule. Better yet, we can’t think of a better way for Tyson Kidd to rehab his recent injury than to spend a week in the sun on the high seas. The question is, would his wife, Natty, and the Total Divas cameramen come along for the WWE cruise line experience?

[Image via WWE.com]