TweetDeck Releases New Version; Seesmic Releases New Product

TweetDeck has released v0.25 of its desktop Twitter client today. The update, now available here, incorporates the Facebook functionality introduced in the latest beta edition. The update will also formally introduce the 12seconds integration tested in the beta.

TweetDeck v0.25 will see a few new fixes and features as well, including improvements to the program’s performance that’ll resolve some memory issues experienced in previous versions. It’ll also allow for viewing of TwitPic images within the interface and previewing of shortened URLs before you click on them. Be warned, too: There’s a flashy new yellow icon that may catch you off-guard.

The release comes right as Seesmic is unveiling its new Twhirl alternative, Seesmic Desktop — an AIR-powered application that looks curiously like TweetDeck. Seesmic Desktop introduces multiple columns with multiple group support. It also boasts the ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts and to drag-and-drop or even pop-out any columns within the window. Facebook, Digg, and Ping.FM support are all expected to be built-in eventually.

The race, it seems, is getting tighter. The stats vary depending on where you look, but most metrics services agree that TweetDeck is by far the dominant choice when it comes to third-party Twitter applications. Seesmic’s new update could give it a stronger chance at stealing some of those users away, but TweetDeck’s fast-moving, feature-adding progress certainly won’t make it easy.