Pit Bull Rescues Boy, 10: Adopted Dog Saves Boy Who Was Having A Seizure [Video]

A pit bull rescued a 10-year-old boy in Monroe, Ohio, who was having a seizure — making her one of the many dogs of this breed squashing their bad image. One Green Planet reports that Ember, the Pit Bull in this story, is an adopted dog through Adore-A-Bulls. This animal shelter is different in that it works to dispel the stigma surrounding Pits and other Bully breeds.

Local 12 News explains that the Daniels are very thankful to Ember for rescuing their son, Tre, when he had a seizure in the middle of the night last week and passed out in the bathtub. Ember instinctually knew something was wrong. The pit bull rescued the boy when she went into his parents room and woke them up. They followed Ember to the bathroom and called 911.

Tre’s mother — Tracy Daniels — describes how their pit bull saved their son from his medical emergency getting worse.

“We were sleeping and she just sat down next to the bed and she was doing this real low grumble. It wasn’t even a growl, it was just this odd grumble.”

Ember led her down the hallway to where Tre was. He was rushed to the hospital and treated. The 10-year-old recalls a little about what happened to him when his devoted pet helped save his life.

“I guess I fell in there cause my head was right here and my head was going back and forth,” he said.

Libby Power from Adore-A-Bull shares that this is a “very proud moment” for the organization.

“It’s a very proud moment not only for our organization but more so for this dog that was abandoned. She was a lone puppy on the streets. She had no family, nobody to be her advocate.”

Tre’s father — Tony Daniels — is a firefighter in Cincinnati and understands why some people don’t like pit bulls.

“We’ve dealt with a lot of really nasty accidents with pit bulls. But I would say 99-percent of the time it’s always, you know, you look at the owner.”

Ember isn’t the only pit bull who’s rescued a member of the family before. The Inquisitr wrote about an incident in which another pit bull helped save a family when the animal alerted the owner to a blazing house fire.

There are numerous stories related to pit bulls going the distance to protect and care for their family members.

[Photo Credit: Local 12 News screenshot]

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