Why Jennifer Lopez Will Outshine Mariah Carey And Britney Spears In Las Vegas

On May 12, Jennifer Lopez announced that, like Mariah Carey and Britney Spears, she will play several shows in Las Vegas. Lopez’s residency begins in January of 2016. While some people say she is following in Britney Spears and Mariah Carey’s footsteps, Jennifer Lopez will easily outshine them both.

Mariah Carey’s residency has received mixed, but mostly positive reviews. However, there are many people who see Mariah Carey’s residency as a downgrade for the once unstoppable star. The New York Times was one of the few outlets who gave the show an absolutely awful review.

“Ms. Carey is still durable, and sometimes excellent, but her once-transcendent voice is like decaying manufacturing machinery: It still churns, but the product might be polished or dinged. You don’t know until it happens.”

Mariah’s fans, however, loved the show, just like most Britney Spears fans love her show. Britney has been performing in Las Vegas since December of 2013 and the show has been successful in terms of both ticket sales and critical reviews. However, the Los Angeles Times gave the show a mediocre review on opening night.

“For a few tantalizing moments Friday night, Spears — the one-time teen-pop queen who’s spent much of the last few years inching back from the brink — seemed ready to reclaim her once-vivid form. Then the bubble burst.”

The Los Angeles Times thought of Britney Spears as a shadow of what she used to be, just like many are saying about Mariah Carey. However, the same can’t be said about Jennifer Lopez.

Ms. Lopez’s last album might have flopped, but that didn’t matter since JLo has never made a career bragging about her achievements in the music industry. Her name alone prompts thousands of page hits for sites and most importantly, unlike the other two stars, Jennifer Lopez is generally loved by the public.

The love for Lopez hasn’t always been there: After a successful 1999-2002, JLo crashed and burned. Her appearance in Gigli didn’t help and it led to a backlash that likely influenced the end of her relationship with Ben Affleck. The two of them became a laughing stock, but Affleck jumped off the sinking ship, which still contained JLo.

However, Jennifer Lopez emerged again as a host for American Idol in 2010. She was, once again, relevant. And her relevancy hasn’t faded since. J-Lo is considered a present-day star, while Mariah Carey and Britney Spears are considered (perhaps, unfairly) has-beens. Jennifer Lopez won’t have to worry about reviving her career since it’s still going strong.

The most important reason why Jennifer Lopez will rule is because even if she doesn’t have the best voice in the world, she has the moves. Lopez can still dance like she did 15 years ago. Vegas is more about special effects and great showstopping moves than hitting a bunch of notes within two seconds. Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate showgirl of her generation and her Las Vegas residency should prove to be a great success.

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