Adam Rupeka: Man Pepper Sprayed For Giving Cop The Finger Is Cleared Of Charges, Chief Moves To Fire Officer

Adam Rupeka of the website Facebook page Cop Block has made news after flipping off a Saratoga Springs Police officer “to see if he would respect” Rupeka’s First Amendment rights, the YouTube video below states.

The dash cam video captured by Rupeka shows Officer Nathan Baker ask the page administrator for his license and registration.

He responds by stating that he will when the officer tells him what crime he’s being pulled over for. After Baker continually tells Adam Rupeka to get out of the car and the latter doesn’t comply, Baker sprays him in the face with pepper spray.

Since the Inquisitr first reported on this case, there have been some new developments. Like recently, according to WNYT, charges were dropped against the self-professed cop hater.

The Chief of Police has also gone on record as saying that he would be moving for Nathan Baker’s dismissal.

Check out the video for yourself to see if you think that is justified.

Adam Rupeka’s Cop Block has a following of more than 1.4 million people on Facebook.

On its website, CopBlock explains that it “is committed to highlighting the double standard often granted to those in uniforms and with badges. We do this by raising awareness and providing support to victims of police abuse and other related institutional injustice.”

The Facebook page, in the past, has also been a place with a strong anti-police sentiment where individuals regularly gather to celebrate when police are killed.

The site has picked up more than a few critics, who argue that it encourages violence against police officers, though Rupeka tries to police much of that.

Some commenters on WNYT did not agree that Officer Baker should be fired from his job for responding to Rupeka in the way that he did.

“This guy [Rupeka] is an instigator and is wasting the polices time [sic]. I hope he gets sprayed again if he keeps this nonsense up. He has a bunch of videos of him doing similar things to other officers. Grow up and get a job, or go harass drug dealers and see where that gets you,” said Corey Uhlinger.

Eric Hedin agreed.

“Hope his finger gets broke off the next time he sticks it out the window. To just randomly flip someone off, your just a human piece of trash [sic], nobody should care what happens him, I certainly don’t and applaud the Saratoga police.”

Do you think Adam Rupeka should have been arrested, and should the officer be fired?

[Image via WNYT, linked above]

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